Congres Immunologie

ECI - European Congress of Immunology

 ECI 2012, with the theme "A healthier future through research, education and innovation" will have 4 parallel tracks with equal emphasis on basic and clinical immunology. There will be 24 symposia and 72 workshops covering all aspects of immunology: Innate immunity, adaptive immunity, Diseases of the immune system, and Immune interventions.

The speakers will be leading basic and clinical immunologists from all over the world. Several European Societies dealing with immunology, mostly in applied science have shown enormous enthusiasm in organising additional symposia. There will also be lunch time symposia sponsored by our industrial partners.

The congress, with 5000 participants, the largest gathering of the European immunologists, will provide a unique environment to network with colleagues from all over Europe and beyond. The Scottish Exhibition and Convention Centre, a modern and well planned facilities, will provide a relaxed and interactive venue for exciting scientific exchange and to view the latest development offered by related industry. There will be at least 500 bursaries to facilitate the participation of young scientists.

15th World Congress of Pain Clinicians (WSPC 2012)

The 15th World Congress of Pain (WSPC) is dedicated to the the latest updates in pain treatments.

The World Congress of Pain Clinicians (WSPC ) covers topics such as: :

Basic science of pain Acupuncture and acupressure Central pain Cancer pain Epiduroscopy and epidural adhesiolysis Complex regional pain syndrome Headache Fibromyalgia Intradiscal treatment Interventional Myofacial pain Musculoskeletal and joint pain Neuropathic pain Neuronal blockade Opioid for cancer and non-cancer pain Nociceptive pain Others Osteoporoses & kyphoplasty Pain management Pain imaging Pharmacological treatment Palliative care Postoperative pain management Post-herpetic neuralgia Rehabilitation Somatic pain Radiofrequency and pulsed radiofrequency technique Spinal cord stimulation Spinal cord Topical and transdermal treatment for chronic pain Spinal cord injury pain Trigeminal neuralgia and facial pain Traditional medicine


225 - 620 EUR

Early registration date

March 13th, 2012



Abstract submission deadline

November 01st, 2011

Inducing and Breaking Tolerogenic Dendritic Cell Function 2012

Inducing and Breaking Tolerogenic Dendritic Cell Function is a conference dedicated to progress on the suppressive effects of CD4+ regulatory T cells on APC function, and how these can be overcome and research aimed at inducing dendritic cells with tolerogenic function in order to treat inflammatory disease (e.g. rheumatoid arthritis) as well as work aimed at boosting the immunostimulatory function of dendritic cells in the context of cancer.

Comparing And Contrasting Techniques That Measure Cell Mediated Immunity Discussion Forum 2012

Comparing And Contrasting Techniques That Measure Cell Mediated Immunity Discussion Forum is discussion workshop with experts to discuss their work including topics such as: Flow cytometry and determining of Secretion Profiles of Leucocyte Populations in the Female Reproductive Tract by using of Multiplex Cytokine Analysis.


105 - 259 GBP



Abstract submission deadline

April 10th, 2012



ASA 2012: American Society of Anesthesiologists Annual Meeting

ASA 2012 is the annual meeting of the American Society of Anesthesiologists. It deals with all aspects and and medical practice of Anesthesiology.



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